IJPS Admission Policy
Admission package contains:
1. Previous School Recommendation Form.
2. Application Form.
3. Documents needed.
4. Health Form.
5. Bus Form.
6. Admission Policy.
7. The Parent is asked to bring the Student’s UAE ID, Vaccination Card as a mandatory condition for registration.
Admission Eligible Age:

IJPS USA/Canada/
Age by September 1, 2015 for
same year.
KG1 KG1 Not less than 3 years 8 months
KG2 KG2 Not less than 4 years 8 months
Grade 1 Grade 1 Not less than 5 years 8 months
Grade 2 Grade 2 7 years - 8 years
Grade 3 Grade 3 8 years - 9 years
Grade 4 Grade 4 9 years - 10 years
Grade 5 Grade 5 10 years - 11 years
Grade 6 Grade 6 11 years - 12 years
Grade 7 Grade 7 12 years - 13 years
Grade 8 Grade 8 13 years - 14 years
Grade 9 Grade 9 14 years - 15 years
***No exception will be considered.


Application process: G2-G9

Admission package contains:
  • The parent should come to school personallyto show interest to register his son/daughter at IJ
  • The school will check the eligible age(no exceptions will be made)
  • The parent will receive the admission package to complete. The recommendation form should be completed by the previous school then placed in an envelope which must be sealed and stamped by the previous school.
  • The parent will complete all applicable forms and documents.
  • The parent should return all these documents and wait for the school to call for the written and oral exam.
  • The school has the right to accept or reject the application.
  • The student will attend the written exams (English, Math and Arabic) and the oral interview according to the agreed date.
  • The exam will be checked by the admission committee. Parents will be called for the final result.
  • Once accepted, the parent should come to school to sign the School Admission Policy at the supervisor’s office and the financial agreement at the accountant’s office.
  • The parent cannow register his/her son/daughter.

Application Process: Students in KG1, KG2, G1:

The same procedure as mentioned before

  • KG and KG2: A discussion with the parents with the presence of the child.
  • Grade 1: Reading simple words CVC, CCVC,…etc., writing, a V. good reading and speaking skills, very simple Math word problems, Numbers 1-100, Addition-Subtraction within 1-10, communication skills and behavior.
Arabic, Islamic and UAE Social Studies:

All students from KG1 onward are required to learn Arabic as per UAE law. First language Arabic speakers and Learners of Arabic as a second language follow an enriched version of the appropriate UAE syllabus.

The UAE Social Studies syllabus is incorporated into IJPS Program. IJPS provides Islamic Studies for Muslim children as per UAE law.


In case of discovering behavioral problems that can affect the teaching and learning processor can endanger the student, classmates or teachers, IJPS reserves the right to withdraw the child’s application at any time of the year.

Special Education Needs

The school does not offer a comprehensive special education program. Programs for students with learning difficulties are limited in terms of facilities, materials, staffing and community services.

The school will accept mild to moderate cases according to the seat availability and the availability of experts that can deal with the case at school.

According to ADEC Policy No. 48, The school can charge Parents/Guardians additional fees for the provision of extra support; provided that such fees may not exceed 50% of the approved school tuition fees for other students.

English Language Instruction

English is the language of instruction and daily operation at IJPS. We aim for all students to become fluent English speakers, able to read and write in English at an operational level for their age. IJPS honors and recognizes mother-tongue language, values and supports the acquisition of additional languages.

English Language Instruction

The school will register the student for the next academic year, if he/she doesn’t have any behavioral problem and if the parents re-register him during the time announced by school.

Parents are required to complete the current school fees as a condition for re-registration, and this re-registration should be during the time announced by school only, not after.

Respect: The parents are expected to deal with all school members with respect, loud voice and insulated words are unaccepted.

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