Student Technology Use Agreement 2017-2018

Student Technology Use Agreement 2017-2018                                                                                                 

Grade 4 – Grade 9


As IJPS Student, I agree to use all technology in a responsible and respectful way according to the Student and Employee Technology Policy:


I understand that My Personal or IJPS computers can be used for the following:


  • School projects, papers, and research.
  • School Extra-curricular activities as clubs.
  • Internet research relating to school projects and use of PowerSchool


If I bring my own laptop or iPad, tablet to IJPS, I understand that:


  • IJPS is not responsible for loss, theft or damage incurred at school.
  • I may not access the Internet.
  • Use of this laptop or iPad, tablet during class is under the supervision of the classroom teacher


I understand that it is my responsibility to:


  1. Carry a flash drive (memory device) to keep track of all of my assignments and follow all copyright and license laws.
  2. Choose key search words carefully when searching the Internet.
  3. Never give out my personal information over the Internet.
  4. Report concerns to the Teacher, Technology Coordinator or Administrator.


I understand that the following are Unacceptable uses of IJPS computers and computer Lab:

  1. Accessing inappropriate websites, Apps, or Games.
  2. Attempting to open non-educational websites, Apps or Games, or not related to what the teacher asked.
  3. Attempting to bypass or alter computer security.
  4. Attempting, assisting, or gaining unauthorized access to computers (intentional or unintentional)
  5. Modifying the school wallpaper or computer background.
  6. Downloading software onto the IJPS computer
  7. Vandalizing school machines including removing mice, drawing on keyboards, keyboard trays, computers etc.
  8. Accessing another student’s files without permission from the Technology Coordinator or another staff member.
  9. Inappropriate use of any email program including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc.
  10. Eating or drinking in either computer lab.


I understand that if I choose Not to Follow the IJPS technology use guidelines, then I will have my

Computer, or other technology devices, privileges taken away for a minimum of 2 weeks and will be required to do all technology based work by hand or at home. In addition, I understand that if I choose not to follow the guidelines more than once I will be referred to the Administration for further consequences.


I have read the above technology agreement and agree to follow it while I am a student at IJPS.


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