DL Student Cyber Safety Agreement



Distance Learning Student Cyber Safety Agreement ( Grade 4 – Grade 9 )                                               



As an IJPS Student, I agree to use all technology in a responsible and respectful way according to the Student and Employee Technology Policy during Distance Learning:


I understand that the following are unacceptable during live sessions:


  1. Accessing inappropriate websites, Apps, or Games.
  2. Attempting to open non-educational websites, Apps or Games, or not related to what the teacher asked.
  3. Inappropriate use of any email program including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and school email etc.


*In case of Safety issues:


1st: I can contact my subject teacher immediately.

2nd: I can contact the School Social Workers:


Ms Heba : email:          heba.sanduoqa@ijps.ae

Ms Deanne: email:      deanne.solis@ijps.ae


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