Attendance and Absence policy (Students)


Attending school is mandatory for all the students. It will lead to a better outcomes and results in students’ achievements. The school aims to achieve 100% attendance during the school year. Allthe students should reach the school before the morning assembly starts.

Attending morning assembly, saluting the UAE flag and singing the national anthem is mandatory for all students.

Parents are responsible to ensure that their children arrive at school every day before the assembly starts.

Parents are responsible to inform the school if their child is absent before 8:00 am.

School events are considered a school day and all students should attend (example UAE national day celebration).

The Social worker and school supervisor will follow up the students’ daily attendance. The social worker plays a positive role in pursuing the students’ attendance.

Teachers maintain attendance record for each lesson.

The school maintains the attendance record for all the students, including arrival time.


PThe students are expectedto attend all school days. If students fail to attend any day he/she will consider absent.

The school distinguishes between excused absence and unexcused absence.

School will follow all procedures to ensure the maximum attendance for all students by creating a positive environment to encourage students and parents and engage them in learningand to reduce unexcused absence. Also the school has a strict policy and process in following the attendance.

Parents should schedule their travel or family events according to official school holidays.

The school follows up all attendances and absenceson daily basis. All parentsof absents kids are called by the school social worker or supervisors to find out the reasons for their absence and to clarify the consequences of being absentto the students’ results and outcomes.

If the student absent were excused, he/she has the right to make up the work and tests that were missed, where the students and parent can find all the materials and tasks uploaded on students’ online access.

IJPS follows the ministry of education and ADEC code of conduct in applying absentee consequences.

Excused absence:

Illness: Parents should inform the school that his/her kids are absent before 8:00am.

A signed letter explaining the reason for being absent and a medical report if student was sick must be handed in to the school the next day.

  • Death of first or second degree relatives.
  • Doctor appointments (parent should try to make the doctor schedule after school).
  • Official community task.
  • Mandatory appearance before and official body.
  • Urgent family travel (medicaltreatment or death of family member).
  • Difficult weather conditions that might result in morning delay.

Unexcused absence:

Any types of absence not included in excused absents is considered unexcused such as (as an example: unnecessary travel, shopping trips).

If a student was absent without any reason with or without his parent’s knowledge, the school will inform the parents or guardians and call them to discuss this matter to ensure the students attendance.

If the student’s absence was not excused, the school will inform the parents of the consequences for these absent days and missing work or tests. Parents have the responsibility to complete the assignments and tasks and submit them to the teachers on time.

If parents plan to travel fora short period (not exceed one week-five days) , where their kids will miss several classes, and this travel is necessary, parents should notify the school ten days in advance to get approval from the principal. The parents will be responsible to catch up all the missing work and assignments and accept all the consequences of being absent. The students and parents can find all assignments on the student’s online access.

If students missed five classes without excuse the school has the right to inform ADEC.
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