Healthy eating policy




This policy covers all food provided and consumed in school including: before, during and after school as well as on school trips and during extra-curricular events.

We, at International Jubilee Private School, recognize the importance of a healthy diet in a child'’ well-being and their ability to achieve and  learn. We also believe that the school, in partnership with parents, can make a major impact in improving children and young people’s health by increasing their knowledge and understanding of food and helping them make healthy food choices.


It is IJPS' objective to:

  • Ensure that healthier food and drink is provided at all times of day and taking account of the individual needs of every student. 
  • Encourage and reflect nutrition and healthy eating messages in the curriculum, and with the support of the whole school.
  •  Increase knowledge and awareness of a healthy diet through PE and Science curriculum
  •  Encourage all pupils to have a healthy packed meal
  •  Make healthy eating enjoyable and the norm in the school
  •  Provide safe, easily accessible water during the school day
  •  Promote healthy eating/healthy food choices and discouraging unhealthy
    eating/unhealthy food choices

Role and Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all staff, including teaching and support staff, to implement the food policy and to actively act as role models to demonstrate positive attitudes to healthy eating and to develop students’ awareness and understanding of making healthy food choices.

Packed Lunches

To ensure that all packed lunches brought from home and consumed in school (or on school trips) provide the pupil with healthy and nutritious food.

  Packed lunches should not include:

  • Snacks such as crisps. Instead; seeds, vegetables and fruits.
  • Confectionery such as: chocolate bars, sweets, chips and chewing gum.
  • Meat products should be included only occasionally (no more than twice a week)
  • Fizzy or sugary drinks.

To promote healthy eating, we will regularly monitor the content of packed lunches and involve pupils and staff. We will talk to parents where necessary and offer advice and guidance on bringing healthy packed lunches. If children bring packed lunches that do not adhere to these guidelines, a letter will be sent home with a copy of this policy.

Special diets and allergies

The school recognizes that there are pupils who may need special diets. In this case, parents are urged to be responsible in ensuring that packed lunches are as healthy as possible.

Cooking Club (Bon Appetit)

A special students club is established to bring awareness on food and nutrition through cooking. It will also support students in making healthy food choices by teaching them how to prepare food that is healthy and nutritious.


During school breaks, only water, low sugar fruit juice and milk are allowed for consumption. If children bring in a sugary drink, they will be asked to take it home and remind parents of the policy.

We have water dispensers in every corridor of the buildings. Children are encouraged to drink water regularly throughout the day and have water bottles in class. 


Written by: Ms. Deanne Gruta, Ms. Heba Sandouqa and Nurse Dareen Maple

Date: April 2021

Reviewed and ratified by: Ms. Nada Elkayssi, School Principal

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