Transportation policy

IJPS Trasportation policy 2021


  • School transportation: It’s a tool and vehicle to transfer students from home to school and vice-versa.


  • Aim: Students’ Transport safety is our prime aim. We seek the support of the parents and the school stuff to ensure the safety of our students while on the bus and at the parking zones.


  • Busses: The school meets the specifications stipulated by the Department of Transport. We provide safe busses with regular and continuous maintenance, and buy new busses when needed. Ensure that buses are maintained at all times so that they meet approved safety standards and technical specifications, and review the operator’s maintenance records. Our school busses are equipped with cctv cameras, electronic scanner, seatbelt on every seat and safety equipment (fire extinguisher and hammer). First aid kit suitable for the number of passengers to be carried and clearly labelled.


  • School Drivers: Competent and experienced drivers are hired by the school. They have police clearance certificates, and medical certificates. Drivers are regularly sent to attend training in The Department of Transport to be updated by the rules and regulations, and they should strictly follow.


  • Bus Supervisor: The bus supervisors are on the school visas, and attending regular training to keep updated by the rules and regulations.


  • Parents: At the beginning of the year forms are given to all parents in which the photo of the student ,the phone number of the father and mother, home address or plot to place of residence and pledged to abide by guardian responsibilities toward school transport mode. Lists are made at the beginning of the year of the students in the buses with all required information as mentioned before aligned with the drivers’ names and the supervisor teachers in the bus.


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