DL Student Cyber Safety Agreement





          International Jubilee Private School acknowledges that every educational program in this time and age needs integration and access of technology to achieve excellence and success in education. We also value the importance of  technology in everyone’s lives, both educationally and socially. Staff and Administrators are committed to helping all members of the school to understand the benefits and the risks of using technology platforms and media, as well as to equip children with enough knowledge and skills to be able to use technology safely and responsibly.

            Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group that is intended to harm others. It can involve Social Networking Sites, emails and mobile phones used for SMS messages and as other forms.

Cyberbullying is never acceptable, like all other forms of bullying, it should be taken very seriously.

            The procedures and information in this document apply to all wireless mobile devices used by staff, teachers and students of IJPS, including any other device considered by the School administration to come under this policy.



This policy aims to:

  • safeguarding the pupils in the real and virtual world
  • educate students and parents to understand what cyberbullying is and its consequences
  • place awareness, policies and procedures to prevent incidents of cyberbullying in school or in the school community
  • have effective measures in dealing cases of cyberbullying effectively
  • monitor the efficacy and reliability of prevention measure



-IJPS trains and encourages students about the proper use of technology and the serious consequences of cyberbullying through integrated lessons and yearly awareness workshops to inform and educate students to be responsible and accountable in these fast-changing areas.

-All students and parents must sign the “Student Technology Use Agreement”.

-All members of the school community are aware that there are “Key Persons” responsible in reporting any case of cyber-bullying, harassment or misuse of technology that they know about or suspect. Key persons: Miss Deanne (deanne.solis@ijps.ae) and Ms. Hiba (hiba.sandouqa@ijps.ae)

-School Administration follows protocols in responding to reports of cyber-bullying or harassment.

-IJPS IT Department blocks access to inappropriate websites, using firewalls, antivirus protection and filtering systems.

-Students are only allowed to use devices connected to the internet with permission from a teacher.

-School Administration will take action against those who take part in cyber-bullying in line with the guidelines in the Child Protection Policy. In addition, IJPS will take necessary action  when necessary to prevent students from misusing equipment.

-IJPS will keep good copies of records of all cyberbullying incidents.

-Students are encouraged to report any suspicions of cyberbullying and have access to the school counsellor.

-Support is offered to victims of cyberbullying including counselling, emotional support, and reassurance.

Sanctions are issued in line with our Child Protection Policy and Anti Bullying Policy


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Student Use of Technology Agreement

IJPS Anti-bullying Policy

IJPS Child Protection Policy



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